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CFE Exam Review Course

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The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is an experienced fraud risk management professional who possesses a unique set of skills not found in any other professional field or discipline: CFEs combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, the law, and how best to resolve cases of suspected fraud. CFEs are also trained to understand why fraud occurs and how to prevent it, not just how it occurs. Achieving Certification is tantamount to obtaining a business card that is recognized worldwide: a CFE is recognized as a leader in the anti-fraud community, specializing in fraud prevention, detection, countering and investigation activities. Senapa Consulting is the only partner in Italy that offers the opportunity to take the CFE Exam Review Course, a four-day exam preparation course taught by one of our highly specialized instructors. Our course will help you master the fundamentals of obtaining certification and, together with the insights available on the CFE Exam Preparation Course platform to which you will have access, provide you with the unbeatable combination to pass the exam.