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Fraud Risk Governance

Fraud Risk Governance represents one of the main challenges in safeguarding corporate assets today. Fraud Risk Governance means identifying, preventing and managing fraud risks within an organisation. through the following key activities:
  1. Fraud risk assessment
  2. Staff training
  3. Implementation of preventive control and detection procedures
  4. Management of fraud cases
  5. Compliance Support

Business Process

Senapa offers an anti-fraud service on Application Management.

The service allows companies to benefit from Senapa's specialisation in recognising fraud attempts perpetrated by schemes involving the use of false identity and income information in order to circumvent control systems.

The service is offered on-demand as a second-level control, or as a BPO of the entire application management activity.

Senapa, thanks to its partnership with the company Nexteria, can provide its customers with a multilingual Contact Centre with more than 400 locations

International Networking

Senapa is placed within professional networking that offers participants in its courses to expand and cultivate their personal and professional connections for purposes of professional growth, job opportunities and support in the business world.

Professional networking at the international level is also an opportunity for companies seeking to expand their business in other countries, as it can help them make connections with potential customers, suppliers or business partners in other countries.



Training is one of the key activities in the fight against fraud for several reasons. First, providing employees with adequate training on the methods used by fraudsters and how to identify and prevent fraud helps protect the organisation and its assets. Furthermore, proper training can increase employees' awareness of fraud risks and how to protect themselves and the organisation from such risk.

Training can also help strengthen the culture of integrity within the organisation by promoting understanding of the consequences of fraudulent actions and encouraging employees to report suspicious behaviour.

Finally, training can help create a culture of compliance within the organisation by helping employees to understand the laws and regulations that govern their industry and to comply with the organisation's policies and procedures on fraud prevention.

Senapa Consulting has carried out training projects for the following companies:

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